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Do You Want a Lawyer or an Advertiser?

Do You Want a Lawyer or an Advertiser?

I’m Paul Meissner and I’m the senior managing partner of Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett. Back in the day when I attended law school it was to learn about the law. It was to develop and to hone my understanding of the law and the application of the law to various factual situations and scenarios. I received no training in marketing, in advertising, or in PR. When our practice began we depended on our business, coming from people in the community who were referred to us as the result of word of mouth. We had to establish our reputation in the legal community and in the community at large. People came to us because they learned about our skills as lawyers or they came back to us as returning clients because they had a good experience with us when we had represented them previously.

All of that has changed, some years ago the United States Supreme Court decided that lawyers have the right to free speech and with that right came the ability of lawyers to advertise, that was something new. So today it is very difficult as a consumer, as someone who needs the services of a lawyer, to really determine whether a lawyer is a skillful marketer, business person, PR person or whether they are a good lawyer and able to accomplish good things within the system for the clients who hire them. You have to ask yourself what you are dealing with: a capable lawyer or skillful marketer, manipulator, pretty face, or PR person. I can tell you right now that I am not just another pretty face. Do you really want a lawyer representing you who clearly spends most of his or her time being made up for producing TV ads? Do you choose a lawyer for their business and marketing skills or do you think their legal skills might be more important for your success?

I told you I’m not just another pretty face with a clever tag line or a slogan. We want you to come in and talk to us in person to see what we look like, how we react to your questions. We want you to ask us questions up close and personal so that you can judge for yourself our reaction and determine for yourself how much we really care for our individual clients.



Paul A. Meissner, Jr., Esq.

Paul Meissner is a co-founding attorney of the Carlson & Meissner law firm, practicing in the areas of Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, and Workers' Compensation from the Clearwater office. Paul received his J.D. from Tulane University, School of Law. Outside of the courtroom, Paul enjoys boating and traveling, especially on his Harley motorcycle. You can follow Paul onGoogle+.