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DUI Urine Test: Attorneys to Help You

The Alcohol Urine Test is Considered to be the Least Accurate Chemical Test

There are 3 types of chemical tests available to law enforcement when trying to determine DUI impairment.  These tests include:

  1. Urine
  2. Breath
  3. Blood testing

 Of these three tests, the drug, alcohol urine test is considered to be the most inaccurate and will usually result in a reading of about 1.33 times higher than that of a blood draw. Because of the inconsistencies of the alcohol urine test, it is usually just considered to be a general overall test used to determine if any type of drug at all is in the driver’s system.

Not only is the alcohol urine test inaccurate in measuring the BAC (blood, alcohol content) levels in the system, but the urine test also fails to accurately determine the time of ingestion.  Many factors contribute to how the timeline of alcohol absorption will read on a urine test. Such things like gender, height, weight and amount of food which was, or wasn’t consumed during the time of alcohol consumption will all play a key role in how your DUI urine test results will read. Another key factor in urine analysis is the individuals level of sensitivity to the type of alcohol consumed whether it be beer, wine, whiskey etc. In some cases, false readings can appear for a substance that was ingested days prior to even being pulled over, even though the substance is no longer impairing the driver.

In addition to the inconsistent findings when urine testing, scientist have also discovered that this type of test is unreliable due to the fact that many of the compounds found in illegal substances are also found in your every day, over the counter medications.  For example, many cold and flu products will result in an illegal finding of amphetamines in a urine test. Ibuprofen sometimes mimics marijuana in a urine test screening.

These are all critical pieces of information that we arm ourselves with when defending your DUI case and because of these scientific inconsistencies we have discovered in DUI urine testing test, we are better prepared to protect your legal rights and provide you the best possible defense.

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