We are often asked, “do I need a disability attorney to start the process to apply for social security disability benefits?” Our answer is yes and here is why: it’s not just a matter of trying to get someone to sign up, the reality is the social security administration denies about 70-75% of all claims. Most of these cases are going to end up going through a series of appeals, and the vast majority of those end up in front of a federal judge. This is why it is important to get someone involved as soon as possible.

A lot of times the evidence disappears, doctors shut down their offices, and it’s going to be important for someone to start working on your case and developing your claim as soon as possible with that end-goal in mind — getting you in front of a federal judge. If you are somewhere else along in the process, if you’ve already applied and you have a denial, or if you’ve already applied and maybe it’s taking longer than it should to get a decision, we are still happy to talk to you and see what’s going on with your case. Whether you are considering applying or you are further on in the disability process, we are happy to talk to you and see how we can help.