As Tampa defense attorneys, we know that In the state of Florida, there are two different levels of misdemeanors: first-degree misdemeanors and second-degree misdemeanors. With a first-degree misdemeanor, the maximum sentence you can receive is a year in county jail. With a secondary misdemeanor, the maximum sentence is 60 days.

What Are The Chances That I Could Face Jail Time?

By no means just because you have been arrested for a misdemeanor, this does not mean you are automatically going to jail. 99.999% of people who are arrested for their first misdemeanor, never go to jail. Even on their second, third or fourth charge, and with the help of a good criminal defense lawyer, rarely will you actually face prison time.

However if you have been arrested for a misdemeanor, you could potentially face county jail because there are certain offenses that have mandatory jail sentences. For example, a second DUI within X amount of years.

Other criminal offenses like DUIs also have mandatory jail sentences, but 90% of all misdemeanor offenses do not have mandatory jail sentences. If you are concerned and worried about going to jail, we encourage you to consult with a lawyer who can explain your options.