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Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Tampa's Premier Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys Provide Relief to Victims Following a Serious Accident

Helping victims of traumatic brain injuries in Tampa, Clearwater and throughout Florida secure the compensation you need

Thousands suffering from traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are admitted to our nation’s hospitals each year. In 2015, traumatic brain injury caused the death of more than 50,000 people. The skilled Tampa brain injury attorneys at Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett, P.A. handle cases involving traumatic brain injuries as a result of an accident due to the negligence of another party. With more than a century of combined experience, we understand the challenges associated with complex personal injury disputes. Through compassionate yet aggressive advocacy, we are known throughout Tampa Bay for offering traumatic brain injury victims a favorable outcome to their case.

Unrivaled experience with TBI cases

Traumatic brain injury is the classification given to injuries that affect brain functioning. A concussion is one of the more common, often milder, forms of traumatic brain injury. More severe injuries are sustained when the brain is penetrated by an object or moves as a result of an impact. Whether mild or severe, traumatic brain injuries can have far-reaching effects:

  • Memory loss;
  • Decrease in reasoning ability;
  • Personality changes;
  • Sensory, tactile, and motor skill impairments;
  • Depression and related mental health issues; and
  • Cognitive degeneration from diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Lou Gehrig’s.

Traumatic brain injuries can necessitate substantial medical care, including extensive rehabilitation. And, a TBI can impact your ability to work and generate income. Traumatic brain injuries are not routine personal injury cases. These disputes cannot be handled by just any personal injury law firm. Our comprehensive understanding of traumatic brain injury litigation positions our Tampa brain injury attorneys to provide tenacious advocacy for clients.

Comprehensive knowledge of accidents resulting in traumatic brain

There are many causes of traumatic brain injury, including:
Slip and fall
Car crashes
Motorcycle accidents
Truck accidents
Accident on someone else's property

Whether through an automobile accident, truck accident, or accident on another’s property, traumatic brain injuries can be devastating to you and your loved ones. Because there is so much at stake, it is essential to engage the help of our skilled personal injury attorneys.

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Do not wait to consult an attorney about a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Waiting can cause you to forfeit your right to recover from responsible parties. Through a free initial consultation, our Tampa brain injury attorneys can begin crafting a legal strategy for success in your case. Call today at 877-728-9653 or contact us onlineWe also assist those injured in car accidentsmotorcycle accidentsslip and fall accidents and all types of personal injury matters. We have 5 convenient Tampa Bay area offices to serve you, including ClearwaterTampa, Bradenton,New Port Richey and Spring Hill