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What is the Criminal Charge of Arson?

The criminal charge of arson is usually described in jurisdiction as the Intentional setting of a fire to a building or structure. An example would be intentionally burning a car, building structure, or similar.

Levels or Arson
This can depend on several things:

  1. Was the Structure Occupied? If there are people in the structure at the time the intentional fire, usually its a higher degree level of felony, subjecting the accused to incarceration, which means state prison
  2. Is the Structure Unoccupied? If an intentional fire is set to a structure that is not occupied, it still may constitute as arson because its an intentional fire. Its usually a lower level felony than if the structure is occupied.

In most states, all arson's are usually felony which makes it a serious offense.
If you've been arrested for arson, check with an attorney in your local jurisdiction to discuss whether your crime or act meets the requirement of criminal arson. That you intentionally set fire to a structure and what level of crime that arson constitutes.

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