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Kevins Law - Jan 30 2012

Kevin's Law - Episode 20 - Jan. 30 2012

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On this edition of Kevin's Law, attorney Kevin's Hayslett discussed the possible outcome of the upcoming Superbowl. He gives an update on how the police used GPS to track a cocaine dealer. There's a game show segment called "Where's Casey Anthony Now!" He then talks about the effect that stress had on the life of Joe Paterno, Kodak declaring bankruptcy, the trend of celebrities getting divorces and an update on the Republican nominees. And as per usual, Hayslett takes some lovely phone calls from the following listeners. 

- Woman got a DUI from a police officer and tried to hit him off because the officer was searching her person. 

- Complicated question from a Man who bought a piece of property but didn't have it transferred in his name before the previous owner died.

- Mother asks about the Tampa Gaspirilla parade where men and women are indecently exposed and she is concerned about her children. 

- Wife calls about her husband who was arrested for an open alcohol container from his boat and wants to know if her husband's license would be suspended.