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Child Abuse

Child Abuse

What is the criminal charge of child abuse?

Generally, when we think of the term child abuse we think of neglect, torture, and sexual abuse. But actually, the term child abuse in most jurisdictions is broken down into several different types of crimes.

The lowest level of child abuse in most jurisdictions is neglect. Neglect means that the parent or supervisor of that child does not provide adequate food or shelter. This could result in being criminally charged with child abuse.

The next level up would be actual battery on the child. Under certain laws in states it’s made a criminal charge if you spank your child, and you break the skin, or leave bruising or draw blood, then that parent may be subject to criminal prosecution. You need to check with lawyers in your area to determine what the boundaries are for that type of conduct.

The next level up is when there are serious battery charges on the child, or there is torture, or sexual abuse. Those are generally aggregated child abuse charges with injury to the child that would subject the abuser to serious felony offenses.

When we think about child abuse it’s a large and broad definition. It can encompass everything from neglect, which may be a low level misdemeanor or in some cases a low level felony, up to aggravated child abuse, which may include sexual abuse and/or serious injury to the child.

Depending on where you live, determines the level of crime (i.e. misdemeanor or felony) that conduct would encompass.

Child abuse changes and cases differ based on your jurisdiction. Please contact Carlson Meissner about your specific case.