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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Christina, New Port Richey, FL

" I would like to thank Matthew Donaldson and Yvonne Burkee for doing such a great job preparing and filing for my social security disability, which the outcome was a success. This was a bad time in my life and it could have been a lot worse, but they both had made it so much easier for myself and family due to the great job they did. I would like the firm to know that anytime I had any questions or needed any help they were very easy to get a hold of and that anytime I stopped by the office they took care of me. I never had to wait to get help or to hear from them. i also would like to say how shocked and impressed i was to find such a caring person in Matthew Donaldson and not just another lawyer. He was very easy to sit down and talk too. Having them represent me was the best thing I could have done. I would recommend them and this firm to anyone. Thank you again and god bless." (Social Security)